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Did You Lose Weight Or Did Your Suits Grow? Deciding Whether To Alter Your Suits After Weight Loss Or To Purchase New Ones

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It's a great feeling to successfully lose weight and keep it off; the only bad thing is that all of your clothes become way too large for your smaller frame! Thankfully, some tailors may be able to alter your suits in order to fit them to your smaller frame. It's particularly worth it to pay the cost to have suits altered since good-quality suits are expensive, last for quite a long time, and rarely go out of fashion. Here are some questions to ask yourself to determine whether or not you should consider having your suits altered by a professional tailor.

Does Your Suit Require Significant Alterations Due To A Large Amount Of Weight Loss?

One of the biggest factors in determining if altering your suit to fit your slimmer body will carry good results is the amount of weight you lost. It also depends on the areas in which you lost the most weight. Generally, the waist and the sleeve sizes are the easiest sizes to adjust without drastically altering the way the suit looks; in addition, they're often the least expensive alterations that can be made. Chest and shoulder size, on the other hand, require more serious adjustments and will affect the overall shape of the suit. Reducing the size of the shoulders, especially, is very difficult to accomplish and still have the suit look acceptable. Large reductions tend to cause the outer edges of the shoulders to raise, creating a strange flared appearance. If you've lost more than fifty pounds, you may want to look into purchasing a new suit instead of altering your current ones.

Is Your Suit Still In Fashion Or Is It Dated?

One major benefit of suits compared to other forms of clothing is that they're less subject to the whims of fashion. Sometimes, even older styles of suits will come back into fashion after a period of time, such as what happened with warm-hued linen jackets. Between the high initial cost of quality suits and the fact that they stay in style for quite a long time, it's often worth the cost of having a suit altered to fit your slimmer frame rather than buying a new suit. However, some suits definitely go out of style; if someone can immediately look your suit and determine which era it's from, it's probably time to retire it.

Is Your Suit In Good Enough Condition To Alter?

Suits do wear out with use just like any other item of clothing even if they are still fashionable. If your suit is developing visible threads or is taking on a shiny appearance due to repeated trips to the dry cleaner's shop, it might be time to donate the suit to charity rather than attempting to have it altered.

Overall, it doesn't hurt to bring your suit to an experienced tailor and get an honest estimate. The tailor will be able to give you an exact price for what work needs to be done on the suit and a good idea of whether or not the altered suit will look good on your new frame. Any tailor will be able to resize your suit so that it fits, but only an experienced one will have the knowledge and honesty to tell you if it will look good after the suit is altered.