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Putting Together A Care Package For The Homeless

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If you have decided that you would like to put together a package for one or more homeless people in your area, then there are some things you want to include in it that they will surely get plenty of use out of. Here is a checklist for things you can add to a care package so you know they will get plenty of use from it and truly appreciate it.

Dental care products: Homeless people have a hard time keeping their teeth healthy. This is due to bad eating habits, bad dental care habits and the inability to visit a dentist regularly. Stocking the box with a couple tooth brushes, toothpaste and alcohol free mouthwash will help. The reason for alcohol free mouthwash is some homeless will result t anything with alcohol in it to try to get a buzz if they happen to be an alcoholic.

A few plastic bottles of water: While this won't last them long, they can refill the bottles when they go to any establishment with a water fountain or even by filling them with water from a restroom faucet.

A hairbrush: If a homeless person is going to be putting in an application, they need to look as presentable as possible and this is hard to do if they can't brush their hair.

Waterless soap and shampoo: Waterless soap and shampoo allows a homeless person to clean themselves even when they don't have access to a shower. However, you should also include a bar of soap for those times when they do have the opportunity to take a real shower.

Deodorant: when someone doesn't have a home, deodorant is one of the last things on their list of needs, but they will appreciate having access to deodorant if given to them in a care package.

Socks: Socks are often one of the most asked for products when people are looking for supplies to give out to the homeless people. You can get medium sized men's socks so they will work for both men and women.

A thin blanket: You'll need a huge box if you are going to include a thick blanket and even a thin one can help keep them warm. If you are in a cold region, then you can also include a scarf, gloves and a beanie.

A couple men's t shirts: Although it's hard to guess the size or gender of the next homeless person you are going to bump into, unless you know them, you can make an educated guess. Most homeless people range from thin to slightly large in weight. Time on the streets will cause what used to be a very overweight person to lose weight by not eating regularly and lots of moving around. Therefore, you'd do best by adding a few large men's shirts in the box. They can be worn by both men and women and although they may be baggy, will still fit a smaller framed person.